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Get back in the green by understanding your technical barriers to growth

Leverage our decades of technical experience and deep industry knowledge to streamline your practice.

You have legacy and/or unsupported systems.

We’ll provide a clear path to supported, scalable technology.

You are worried about compliance and/or an audit.

Get compliance guidance from experts who know your industry.

You have gaps in security or (worse) had a security breach.

We’ll harden your security and help you recover lost brand trust.

Workflow inefficiencies are affecting your bottom line.

We’ll help fill the gaps in your workflow that leak revenue.

Your PACS performance causes business strain and headache.

Build your PACS to deliver the reliability you need to grow.

You can’t answer compliance questionnaires from customers.

Get the tools and technology needed to respond confidently.

We’re the IT experts who know your industry

Watch the highlights from our deep-dive into common imaging firm challenges and how they can be solved with modern IT.

“We trust [ProSource’s] experience and their expertise. We have a consultancy and trusted partner relationship with ProSource. We tend to strategize with them. It gives me great satisfaction that I can count on these professionals and their technology.”

Kenneth Snyder

IT Manager, Complete Care

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